Revv - She can into computers, Internet and also graphics tablet. Her drawings can be seen at

ReaperLady - absurdity, black humour and boobs.

Apoc - He can talk in language of the British. He also understands most of the words! He appears at

This collaboration is a fault of Kobieta - Ślimak, but first things first.

Idea for the comics was born in the sick mind of ReaperLady, who is a lazyass is a very busy person. She decided to let the drawing part to someone who is able to do it gracefully and fabulously.
She asked the author of Chatolandia if she knew any talented and skilled drawers. Suddenly, Revv appeared wearing a glistening, lustrous armour while sitting on a white steed. Sche utterede a screenwriters she needede as soune as possible. And so the collaboration was born, and it exceeded all expectations, even leading to comics translation to English.

Fruits of their labour shall be revealed here and here.

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