piątek, 8 listopada 2013


[ReaperLady] Take this, all of you, and enjoy it. For this is our labour, which was given up for you. This is the first page of many more. Little, calm introduction leading to a veritable collapse of the customs, Sodomy, Gomore-ahh, boobs and intergalactic (sex) relations. For a poor plot please blame the screenwriter.

[Revv] As you have noticed, you’ve been waiting for a new episode quite a long time. The situation isn’t going to change until January/February, because I’d like to finish my studies first. After my graduation I’ll be able to work on the comics with a clear conscience. ; )

[Apoc] Translating this comics is a lot of fun for me, also is a great exercise for me. I admit I have dilemmas from time to time, but I hope that my work will be helpful for you and will make you feel content. Enjoy!